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collimator Calibration

"Optical Collimator Calibration"

Collimator Calibration with Traceability

Optical Collimator used widely in survey instruments calibration needs to be calibrated at regular intervals in order to ensure measurement accuracy and traceability to establish unbroken chain of measurement.

Prescience Calibration Pvt. Ltd., offers Optical Collimator Calibration< services, as per ISO 17025 : 2017 at Bangalore, India. Optical Level is Calibrated with very high accuracy master having least count of 1 arc second, ensuring best quality of calibration with traceability to National Standards.

Calibration Measurement Capability demonstrated for Collimator calibration by Prescience Calibration is 3 arc second and 4.5 arc second for Horizontal and Vertical Angle respectively.