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Theodolite Calibration services

Theodolite Calibration Services

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ISO 17025 : 2017 Compliance

Prescience Calibration - NABL Accredited Laboratory
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Theodolite CalibrationPrescience Calibration Pvt Ltd. is ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017 accredited calibration laboratory (NABL Accreditation). Prescience Calibration follow International standards to ensure good quality of calibration. This implies a high level of technical competence and well documented, traceable, calibration activity. It is thus assured that the calibration services offered are in compliance with ISO 9000 and IATF 16949 and any other standard as applicable. Laboratory also offers on-site calibration services.

Theodolite CalibrationPrescience Calibration also offers surveying instrument calibration like Optical Level Calibration, Theodolite Calibration, Total station Calibration, Line Laser Calibration, Point Laser Calibration and Rotation Laser Calibration which are used in construction and survey. Electronic Theodolite Calibraton and Total Station Calibration are being carried out under laboratory conditions with high masters device of high accuracy traceable to National standard.

Theodolite CalibrationPrescience Calibration uses master of high accuracy for horizontal and vertical angle calibration, master used for calibration are calibrated at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India. Hence measurements are traceable to National standard Theodolite Calibration are as per NABL accreditation.

Theodolite CalibrationPrescience Calibration provides Theodolite calibration services in all parts of India and in particular in Mumbai, Bombay, New Delhi, Pune and Chennai. Prescience Calibration assure very short turn around time for calibration of Theodolite received from out station like Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune and Chennai. Theodolite Calibration services is as per International Standard.

What is Theodolite

A theodolite is a precision optical instrument for measuring vertical and horizontal angles between visible points in a given plane. Theodolite can also measure distance with a given set of accessories.

Prescience Calibration is the only NABL accredited calibration laboratory for calibration of Theodolite.

Theodolite Calibration

CST Berger Theodolite Calibration

Why ISO 17025 accredited Theodolite calibration services

ISO 17025 accreditation give formal recognition of competence to a Theodolite calibration laboratory by certification agency in accordance to international standard, in India certification for ISO 17025 is provided by NABL.

Theodolite being calibrated by ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory has many benefits which customer can get. ISO 17025 accredited Theodolite Calibration laboratory is better controlled, and have Quality assurance system and technical competence to calibrate Theodolite.

Theodolite Customers have further benefit of recognition of such Theodolite Calibration certificate in domestic and international market.

Theodolite Calibration

Lawrence and Mayo Theodolite Calibration

Which is better ISO 9000 or ISO 17025 accredited Theodolite calibration services

In a nutshell ISO 9000 is quality management system describing all the document requirements. ISO 17025 apart from describing all the quality management system document requirement it also describes the technical requirements, all calibration laboratory follow ISO 17025 system of international standard. Theodolite calibration is conducted by ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

Theodolite Calibration

Theodolite Calibration

What is two peg test method used for Theodolite certification

Two peg test method for Theodolite is an outdoor test procedure, where error due to environmental condition like temperature and humidity cannot be controlled. Further error due to reflection and refraction cannot be avoided. Two peg test method also cannot provide measurement traceability. Hence precision Instruments like theodolite to be calibrated in calibration laboratory.

Can rent Theodolite be used

Rented Theodolite is being used by different user daily, as a result theodolite can get disturbed from is set point, under a situation where theodolite has to be used on rent, the calibration interval has to be shorter. Theodolite calibration interval depends of type of user who have handled it. With the usage of control chart quality of theodolite can be determined.