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Torque Transducer Calibration

Torque Transducer Calibration Services

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Prescience Calibration - NABL Accredited Laboratory
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Prescience Calibration Pvt Ltd. is ISO/ IEC 17025 : 2017 accredited calibration laboratory (NABL Accreditation). Prescience Calibration follow International standards to ensure good quality of calibration. This implies a high level of technical competence and well documented, traceable, calibration activity. It is thus assured that the calibration services offered are in compliance with ISO 9000 and IATF 16949 and any other standard as applicable. Laboratory also offers on-site calibration services.

Prescience Calibration provides service for torque sensor / transducer calibration of static and dynamic type of Torque sensor. Static and dynamic torque sensor / transducer are calibrated using high accuracy calibration machine Prescience Calibration has facility for Torque transducer calibration up to 2000 Nm. Facility for Torque Sensor / Transducer calibration with dead weight method is available. Prescience calibration has facility for torque sensor / transducer calibration as per NABL accreditation. We assures high accuracy of measurement with data analysis. Traceable to national / international standards.

Prescience Calibration also offers Rotary torque tool calibration services, battery operated torque tool and pneumatic operated torque tool. Torque calibration services offered are in line with the requirement of ISO 9000 and IATF 16949 standards applicable for automobile industries and other industries.

What is Torque Sensor Calibration?

Torque Sensor or Torque Transducer being electronic in nature needs calibration at regular interval. Torque Sensor / Transducer calibration is conducted by applying known force also known as dead weight. Another method of calibration includes calibration using higher accuracy of Torque sensor as master. In both the case Device under calibration reading is compared with the known value of torque applied. Error, deviation, linearity, repeatability, reproducibility etc., can be observed. Based on such information user can take suitable decision and prepare his own guardband, for production or quality control.

Why is Torque Sensor calibration important?

Torque Sensor / Transducer is a combination of mechanical and Electrical / Electronic. Over a period of usage possibility of error or deviation from the true value may exist. This deviation from the true value needs to be determined. Process of calibration helps to establish the deviation from true value and also the non-linearity of the measuring system.

What standards are adopted for Torque sensor / transducer Calibration?

There are some National / International Standards being adopted for calibration of Torque Sensor. BS 7882 is British standard DIN 51309 in German Standard etc., depending on the country specific requirement Torque sensor calibration standard is adopted. Torque sensor calibration is a long process and involves lot of calculations for reporting in calibration certificate. Torque sensor calibration is conducted in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction.